7" Weatherproof LCD Screen
7" Weatherproof LCD Screen
PN: A-WTM125

The 7" weatherproof monitor is the workhorse in the CabCAM™ line. Ideal for indoor & outdoor applications. The touch button screen is embedded with a control box for direct power input for up to 4 cameras.

What's in the Box
Weatherproof LCD screen, Sunshade, U-Mount bracket, Ball swivel bracket, Remote control, and Wiring harness.

**Although this screen is weatherproof, in cases where the system is not being used and is out in the elements for an extended period of time, the screen should be removed & stored in a safe place.**

LCD Screen Features

  1. Remote control sensor.LCD Screen Controls
  2. Power Switch / Power Indicator
  3. Brightness Increase
  4. Brightness Decrease
  5. Channel Selection
  6. Menu
  7. Camera Selection
  8. Loudspeaker
  9. Digital Color LCD Screen
 Power Video Cables Wiring Harness, A-HNS22P Camera Switchbox
Power Video Cables A-HNS22PR: Wiring Harness
Fits:: A-WTM125
A-SWB4: Camera Switchbox