Touch Button LCD Screen
7" Color Touch Button LCD Screen
PN: A-TM7121

The touch button screen is easily installed and can be placed for convenient use and offers many innovative features. The touch button LCD screen allows you to make adjustments to the picture both horizontally, vertically, as well as mirror imaging. On screen monitor instructions are available in 8 different languages. Backlighting is automatic adjusting to ambient lighting conditions. The screen can be manually set to NTSC, PAL, or set to automatic. The LCD screen is capable of utilizing 4 cameras. If triggered cameras are used, the triggered camera will automatically adjust the view. LCD screen has 1 year warranty. Compatible with 12v to 24v systems.

What's in the Box
Touch button LCD screen, Sunshade, U-Mount bracket, Ball swivel bracket, Remote control, and Wiring harness.
LCD Screen Features

  1. Remote Control SensorTouch Button LCD Screen
  2. Power Switch / Power Indicator
  3. Brightness Increase
  4. Brightness Decrease
  5. Channel Selection
  6. Menu
  7. Camera Selector
  8. Loudspeaker
  9. Digital Color LCD Screen
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