9" Quad Display LCD Screen: A-QM9146
9" Color LCD Screen with Quad Display
PN: A-QM9146
The CabCAM™ LCD Quad screen utilizes picture-in-picture technology. This LCD screen is capable of displaying 4 cameras simultaneously. Each camera can be controlled independently allowing control over contrast, hue, mirror & upside down functions. The quad monitor also has an embedded control box for direct power input for cameras.

What's in the Box
LCD screen, Sunshade, U-Mount bracket, Ball swivel bracket, Remote control, and Wiring harness.


  • For 12v to 24v systems
  • Embedded control box for direct power input for cameas
  • AV1 thru AV4 allow four camera capability

LCD Screen Features

  1. IR Signal Sensor
  2. Power Indicator
  3. Volume ControlLCD Screen Controls
  4. Camera Selection
  5. Menu
  6. Display Mode
  7. Automatic Low Light
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