7" HD Touch Screen CabCAM System, A-HD7M1C
7" High Definition Touch Screen Color LCD Screen System

Need extra visibility on the farm, on the road, or at the job site?

The CabCAM™ Touch screen observation system can give you the edge you need. With its 4 camera capability, the A-HD7M1C system has unlimited application possibilities. It can eliminate blind spots and improve day and night visibility for trucks, RVs, trailers, garbage crushers, dump trucks, boat trails, mobile homes, and more.

The CabCAM™ A-HD7M1C camera system camera's are ruggedly constructed to withstand wet, rough, and dusty conditions. This infrared, easy-to-mount camera provides excellent wide-angle, night vision allowing users to see and work more safely and efficiently. The system is complete with everything necessary to install and operate a single camera system. Touch screen system is compatible with 12 to 24 volt systems.

What's in the BoxWhat's in the Box

  • 7" Color LED Screen (A-HD7M)
  • 110° Weatherproof camera (A-HD1080C)
  • HD Monitor Bracket Kit (A-HD9195BK)
  • 22 Pin wiring harness (A-HD22P)
  • Hard wire power adapter
  • Remote control (A-HDRM)
  • Sunshield
  • 65' video cable (A-PVC65)
  • 20' video cable (A-PVC20)
Power Video Cables A-HD10M: 110° HD Wired Camera A-MG539 Camera Mounting Magnet
Power Video Cables A-HD10M: 110° HD Wired Camera A-MG539: Camera Mount Magnet