Wireless LCD Screen
7" Wireless Color LCD Screen (Analog)
CabCAM's hi-res wireless LCD screen. This 7", 4 camera capable system is ideal for your wireless needs. The LCD screen has a wide viewing angle and high resolution display. The screen has mirror and standard viewing capabilities. On screen instructions can be displayed in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese. LCD screen supports multiple video formats: PAL, NTSC, and SECAM.

What's in the Box
LCD screen, Sunshade, U-Mount bracket, Ball swivel bracket, AV cable, Remote control, AC power adapter, DC power adapter, Wiring harness and Operator Manual

LCD Screen Features

  1. Light Level Sensor
  2. Remote Control Sensor.
  3. Power Indicator3.5" LCD Touch Screen
  4. Power Switch
  5. Brightness Increase
  6. Brightness Decrease
  7. Channel Selection
  8. Menu
  9. Camera Selection
  10. Audio / Video Input
  11. Loudspeaker
  12. Color LCD Screen
Wireless Camera, A-WCCH1 Antenna with 9.75' Ext. Cord Wiring Harness, A-HNSW7
A-WCCH1: Wireless Camera Antenna Extension Cord A-HNSW7: Wiring Harness